What’s Your Overlap?

Aaron Caulfield
1 min readNov 22, 2020

I noticed this pattern with coaching clients (and in myself).

Most of us are trying to choose between different areas of interest. For me this would be between leadership, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.

But one of my coaches helped me see that the magic lies in the overlap. By that I mean I am most creative and innovative when I play in the intersection of these three areas:

Projects in my overlap are exciting to me.

For example, I enjoy running leadership retreats to help startup founders go deep personally and work on their companies.

To find projects that make you come alive, give this framework a shot.

  • Areas — What are your top three or four areas of interest? Music, dance, entrepreneurship, tech, finance, accounting, leadership, real estate, art, Jiu Jitsu, etc. Pick three or four.
  • Overlap — What’s your overlap? Yours will be different from mine.
  • Projects — What projects might you create in your overlap that serve the world?